Want to volunteer at an elementary or middle school?

The E.C.Co. students have a chance to get to know the Italian educational system from within by teaching English to children at a Bolognese public school (age 6-11 at the Scuola Elementare, or age 11-14 at the Scuola Media). With just one hour a week of their time they get a terrific first-hand teaching experience. Our past students have said:

“I had a wonderful time volunteering at the Scuola, I would really recommend doing this volunteer program if you are at all interested in teaching or if you like children. It was one of the highlights of my week!” Amy 

“My experience at the school was very enlightening and educative. I realized that I really like working with children and also how hard it is. It was really challenging: I had to keep in balance the work with individual pupils and the whole class and try to keep everyone engaged, yet the work is extremely rewarding.” Elena

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