Franco Minganti

Prof. Franco Minganti teaches American literature at the University of Bologna’s Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.
His research encompasses various aspects and cultural contexts of American literature, with a special focus on the transformations in storytelling due to the interconnectedness of literature with other branches of art, communication, and entertainment – namely radio, cinema, television, video, music, comics, and the Internet. With an extensive experience of lecturing and teaching abroad (he has lectured in the US, Australia, and various European countries, and taught at Brown University) and with American students studying in Italy, Prof. Minganti has co-authored a popular History of American Literature (in Italian), and written a large number of books and essays on literature, film, music, and comics. He has also organized important international conferences on rock culture, jazz and literature, the Beat Generation, and Woody Guthrie. Prof. Minganti is currently working on two books: the first on the voices, sounds and noises in American culture, and the second on Alfred Hitchcock’s suspense.

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