Giulia Crippa

Professor Giulia Crippa was Full Professor at the University of São Paulo, Ribeirão Preto Campus, in the Information and Documentation Sciences course. She is an accredited doctoral and masters lecturer in the postgraduate programme in Information Sciences at ECA-USP.
She is head of the research group of the CNPq Directory BIBLIOTHECA DISCIPLINATA dedicated to studies in historical bibliography. She is a researcher in the research group of the CNPq PRACTIC – Group for the study of cultural practices and information and communication technologies. She had a post-doctoral internship at CSAC – Centro Studi e Archivio dela Comunicazione (University of Parma, Italy).
She was coordinator of GT3 – Mediation, Dissemination and Appropriation of Information (National Association of Research in Information Science and Librarianship – ANCIB – Brazil) for two terms (2012-2016). From 2012 to date she composes the Board of Directors of the Italian Memory House (CMI) in Ribeirão Preto. From 2017 to 2019 she was editor-in-chief of the journal InCID.

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