Piero Di Domenico

Di Domenico

In addition to offering a history of cinema course at E.C.Co., Prof. Piero di Domenico teaches “Cinema and Multimedia Technologies” and “Theory and Technology of the New Media” at the University of Bologna’s Dams Cinema, and “Institutions of Cinema History” and “History of Italian Cinema” at the University of Ferrara. For the past ten years, he has served as the editorial director of the Ermitage Cinema, an Italian and French publisher of home videos of great cinematic masterpieces of the past. He is also in charge of the multimedia section of the Cineteca di Bologna, and serves as the curator of the “DVD Awards” at the annual “Il Cinema Ritrovato” festival in Bologna. For many years, he has collaborated with the Martin Scorsese Foundation and the World Cinema Foundation on the preservation of cinematic heritage. Prof. Di Domenico has also written for the culture column of the daily newspaper Il Corriere della Sera. In recent years, he has focused his research on the questions of the re-issue of historic cinematic patrimony with new technologies. He has published and presented at international conferences papers on the paths of evolution of multimedia communication, on the development of home entertainment, and on the connections between cinema and video games, among others. Among his publications Le pietre miliari della storia del Cinema (Area51 Publishing 2015-2018); “Cronache di china e di celluloide, in Ibc XXII: 1 (Bononia University Press 2017); “Formati di realismo deformati, in Uno sguardo famelico. Il cinema di Roberta Torre Alberto Morsiani and Serena Augusto (eds.) (Falsopiano 2017); “Cinema e fumetto in una prospettiva transmediale” in Il cinema nella transmedialità contemporanea (Sncci 2018); “Il rapporto conflittuale tra Pasolini e Fellini” in Linee guida per una filmografia sull’Emilia-Romagna, AAVV (Sncci, forthcoming).

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