Life in Comedy

Theatre  Syllabus    Prof. Gabriele Marchesini

The course takes a general approach to acting styles, providing a direct and in-depth involvement with the Italian language as it mediates between the theory and the practice of theatrical literature, a literature conceived as a recited art rather than as one to be read. This way, we approach the theatre as protagonists, rather than simply practicing our knowledge of another language and culture. Following a series of lectures on the theory of theatre, we will move into readings and analyses of a text or several texts by a chosen author (the selections will depend on the number and gender of participants).  Next, we will memorize lines and rehearse in the theater itself to prepare for the final performance.  The goal of the course is not to present an entire play, but rather to create a seminar-laboratory type of atmosphere in which to learn individual roles and focus on the interaction with the group.  Given that this is a very intense course, student participants must commit to coming to all class meetings.


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