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To Read a City: Urban History of Bologna since the Medieval Period

bologna 1600Urban Studies/History of Architecture
Prof. Francesco Ceccarelli
Based on the study of select Italian cities in the north-central region, the course’s goal is to provide the tools for identifying the historic and urban factors that have shaped Emilia Romagna as well as its urban centers, primarily Bologna. The course will alternate between a series of classroom lectures dedicated to the comprehension of diverse evolutionary phases of construction, and site visits to different aspects of Bologna’s urban fabric. Given the nature of the course and the necessity to develop a comparative approach, day trips to other nearby cities are also planned. Continue reading

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Media and Democracy in Italy: from Berlusconi to the Five Stars Movement

Media Studies
Prof. Gabriele Cosentino
This course investigates the transformations of political communications in Italy’s “Second Republic”, as the period dating from 1992 onwards is known. This period is dominated by the larger-than-life and ubiquitous presence of media tycoon, sports entrepreneur, and former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. The recent emergence of Internet-based political movement Movimento Cinque Stelle (Five Stars Movement), while not signaling the end of the Second Republic, nevertheless offers an ending point for our investigations.
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Cinematic Landscapes: Emila-Romagna in the Films and Works of the great Directors

Film Studies
Italian cinema has always been concerned with grand landscapes, not least the films of such directors as Visconti, Rossellini, Pasolini, Fellini, Antonioni, and Bertolucci. Even this brief list reveals a substantial nucleus of directors whose formative experiences in cinema took place while filming Emilia-Romagna Continue reading

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Bologna, 1825-1912: Writing under the Arcades

Italian Literature
Prof. Paolo Rota
In this course students will learn about the lives and literature of three famous Italian authors linked to Bologna and influenced in varying degress by their time spent in the city. 
Giacomo Leopardi, who only lived a few years in Bologna, nonetheless discussed in a series of famous letters how the city produced in him a profound emotional experience which helped to shape some of his later literary works. Giosue Carducci, who was Tuscan by birth, is probably the author who most left his mark on the city.  
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