How to Apply

The program is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors in good academic standing at their home institution.  Two semesters of college-level Italian constitute the prerequisite for the fall semester, three semesters of college-level Italian for the spring. A “B” average in Italian language courses is required. Students wih less than four semesters of college-level Italian are required to attend the August session in Lecce, in the region Puglia. This course is a three-week intensive review of grammar and an introduction to contemporary Italy, and is required of students with only one year of college-level Italian. Students with two full years of college-level Italian may be exempted from the Lecce session. Participants are subject to specific requirements laid down by their home institution for study abroad.

Beginning Fall 2014, ECCO students will have a variety of grading options for courses taken at the Università di Bologna only. (All ECCO corsi interni accord grades of A-F.)
Students have two choices for the reporting of the grade for their university course on their end-of-semester, official ECCO transcript:
either (1) have a grade of A-F reported for their University course
or (2) have a grade of pass/fail reported.
A passing grade for the pass/fail option is 22 (C+)*.
Students must indicate which option they are selecting by the end of the shopping period for the ECCO corsi interni of the semester in question.
The grading option cannot be changed, once selected.
Students may use the pass/fail grading option for one, and only one, University course.
*Please note: The grading scale at the University is from 1-30, with 18 being a failing grade. The median grade for ECCO students in 2013-14 for a course taken at the University of Bologna was a 28, or, A-.
Students should know that not all majors/programs accept for credit courses taken on a pass/fail basis. It is the student’s responsibility to ascertain in advance what will be acceptable to her/his major.

Tuition and fees

Distinct from other programs in Bologna, the tuition for the ECCO Program for the semester, decided in February of the preceding year, is virtually all inclusive.

The ECCO program fee covers the following expenses:
Student housing (furnished)
Partial daily food allowance (20€/day in 2022)
Administrative oversight and assistance of all immigration procedures
Tuition for all academic courses (whether at the University or one of ECCO’s corsi interni, including the intensive language program in September and January)
Day-long (curricular and co-curricular)
1, excursion out of Bologna (typically 2 nights), including travel, per semester
Cultural activities
Varied activities (gatherings, dinners) in and around Bologna throughout the semester
Cooking course
To encourage students’ exploration of cultural activities, ECCO offers a possible reimbursement (up to 100 €/student/semester)
Extensive academic orientation and advising
Academic support for university courses and exams

The ECCO Program, in addition, organizes group travel from the States to Bologna (and returning) at cost. If students do not take the group flight, they do not pay for it. They are expected to communicate all travel plans to the resident director person as well as the office staff in Bologna.

Typical costs to students not covered by the program fee:
Any elective travel
An Italian cell phone (required by the program in case of emergency, cost in 2013-14 approximately 20 €) and any telephone calls
Other incidentals: laundry

Application procedures

For further information, students from Vassar College, Wellesley College, and Wesleyan University should contact their respective study abroad offices. Students from schools outside the Consortium should contact Vassar College for 2014-2015, and Wellesley College for 2015-2016, Wesleyan University for2016-2017. Outside students should submit applications by February 15 for the fall semester and full year, October 15 (2014) for the spring semester. Vassar students must check with their Office of International Programs for specific deadlines in early December.

Each institution has its own regulations governing study abroad, and students are advised to seek out the relevant information on their home campus. All students must be covered by health insurance while they are abroad and will be asked to complete a health information form as well as provide insurance policy information.

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