Summer session in Lecce and Magna Grecia Tour

Summer session in August


Lecce, Santa Croce

The first segment of the E.C.Co. experience consists of a full-immersion language and culture program offered in Lecce during the month of August. The Lecce session is mandatory for students with fewer than four semesters of Italian, and optional (but highly recommended) for those with four semesters or more. The three weeks in Lecce offer the perfect balance between intensive Italian language study and travel throughout the Salento region of Puglia.

Students are housed in a historical palazzo in the dazzling Baroque city center, which features a vibrant cultural life encompassing theatre, dance, and popular music. Besides experiencing the past and present treasures of Lecce, students and the Resident Director travel on afternoons and weekends to enjoy the breathtaking sites and beaches of the Salento. Some of the cultural destinations are: the sea grottoes of Leuca at the tip of the heel of Italy, the fortress town of Gallipoli at sunset over the Ionian Sea, the seaside resort of Torre dell’Orso on the Adriatic Sea, the bleached-white gem of Ostuni on a hill overlooking the sea, the mysterious octagonal Castel del Monte, the cultural heritage town of Matera, the awe-inspiring underground caves of Castellana. These tours are organised by Domus Aurea.

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Magna Grecia Tour

Magna Grecia

E.C.Co. also offers a 4-day guided tour of Magna Grecia between the end of the Lecce program and the beginning of the Fall semester in Bologna. For more information see the detailed program below.


Day 1: Leave Lecce at 9:00am

Taranto: Guided visit of the archeological museum and brief walk through the historical district

Metaponto and Sibari: Guided visit of the Tavole Palatine and the archeological site of Sibari (hotel night 1)

Day 2: Leave for Paestum at 9:00am (3 hrs)

Paestum: Guided visit of the archeological site

Salerno (hotel night 2)

Day 3: Leave for Cuma at 9:00am

Cuma: Guided visit of the archeological site

Pompei and Reggia di Caserta (hotel night 3)

Day 4: Leave for Bologna at 9:00am